Early Adulthood

Topics: High school, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Kaitlynn Jastram
April 24, 2012
Human Development TV
Early Adulthood
For this paper I interviewed my mom. She has been out of her mother’s house since she was 17, she is now 43. Physical
Have you experienced weight gain? “I have gained around 70 pounds since high school but, I also had six kids along that way to help me gain this weight. I have been trying to workout lately but I can’t seem to find workouts that will help me get rid of the weight I gain over these years. I just want to lose a little weight.” What changes have taken place in terms of nutrition? “I have defiantly let go through these last few years. Eating a lot more sugary things like candy and drinking WAY too much diet soda. Do you cook at home or eat out more often? “I eat out more than I cook, I cook all day at work the last thing I want to do is go home and cook. So it’s easier to just eat out.” Do you eat breakfast regularly? “I never really ate breakfast even when I was young, just a small bowl of cereal or oatmeal. But I always drink my coffee every day, I function without it.” Do you have a regular exercise patterns? “Only when you kids keep me going to the gym. When we go together it makes it easier to keep a schedule.” How has your exercise patterns change in early adulthood? “I was very active as teen. I played volleyball, danced, and loved to stay active. After starting my own family I lost my drive to, I focused more on you kids and the activities you guys did rather than my own activities.” Have you experience more colds or illness? “I don’t get sick very often. Only when you guys bring something home and smother me in your sickness.” Have you experienced any aches, pains, and body changes? “Well yeah. My back is horrible my feet hurt all the time and my legs hurt if I stand too long. It’s a part of getting older.” Cognitive

Since high school, what have you done to keep your mind active? “I enjoy doing puzzles, mostly Mahjong tiles on the internet. I also enjoy playing...
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