Earl Walker Case Analysis

Topics: Skill, Employment, Form of the Good Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Judith Gallardo

MGT 5310

Earl Walker Case Analysis

February 4, 2013

I. Central Issue of Earl Walker Case: This case has several underlying issues but the central issue is that the company has allowed an individual within this company, Mr. Thompson, to perpetuate a toxic working environment not only for Earl Walker, but also for colleagues and subordinates. This issue has been allowed to proliferate due to several structural issues within the company including: poor management personnel, poor communication between and within the company departments, a sink or swim no training program, lack of clear job descriptions, no respect for chain of command, inconsistent performance review procedures, and draconian reviews.

II. Case Situation Analysis: As mentioned, the main issue within this case is that a hostile work environment created by one toxic individual has been allowed to form and continue because there are structural flaws within the organization, and it has gotten to the point where employee morale and loyalty to the company are very low.

Organization: In this case, Mr. Thompson is described by Earl Walkers as an individual with poor people skills, which makes him a poor people manager. Mr. Thompson is “disliked by everyone-even the operating committee, which consist of top plant management. His loud voice, rough language, and constant yelling don’t help matters much”. However, it takes the right environment for a virus to spread. People will get away with what they are allowed to get away with, and in this case, the organization has flaws that do not make it easy to set a good clear and consistent standard for good management.

At first glance, this company does not have a good procedure in place for smooth transitions or training. Earl Walker seems to be an unwanted present that two managers just bounced away from their respective responsibility to train him and introduce him properly. Earl Walker has no formal training and has to...
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