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Topics: Mother, Parent, Father Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 3, 2013
​Parents do everything for you; they protect you, feed you, and love you. Now with cell phones and new technologies they are also suppose to be easily reachable and quick to respond to any situation at any time. The mother says that parents should not make every decision for their children because they need to learn skills for everyday life. I agree with the mother that kids need to learn skills on their own. ​Parents today cannot do everything for their children. The mother say, “we cannot and should not orchestrate every moment in our children’s lives for them.” Simple tasks like doing laundry and washing dishes are important skills that every person should know, but if a parent constantly does these tasks for their child, they will never know how to do them later in life. The parent won’t always be around forever, at some point in time the kid will have to grow up. ​The idea that the parent needs to be immediately accessible and responsive is ridiculous. Many parents have jobs and can’t always drop everything their doing and come to the aid of their children. In today’s world, “where instant gratification has become the norm,” kids expect everything right away from their parents. Parents need to take a step back and let their kids figure out problems for themselves in order for them to gain life skills. ​Overall, kids need to grow up and learn on their own. Children in today’s world rely to much on their parents and expect them to do everything. By doing this, the children never gain valuable lessons for later in life when their parents are no longer around.
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