Eagle Scout Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Thank you Dr. Hammond for leading the Eagle Charge and thanks to everyone here today for coming to help celebrate this great accomplishment. I would also like to thank all of you who have played a role in helping me along the path to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout especially my parents who have supported me throughout my journey. I most probably wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am today without your support. I would also like to thank my Scout Master Mr. Newhouse for not only helping me achieve my goals but also for dedicating your time and energy to the rest of the scouts of troop 5 so that they may also succeed on their path to Eagle. Finally, I would like to that The Boy scouts of America for proving an organization to educate young people to become productive, responsible, and more citizens in the community.
Scouting has played a large role in my life not only due to the fact that I have been involved in it since I first became a tiger cub in the first grade but I have also gained valuable experience from serving in numerous leadership positions which have pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to hone my leadership skills. It takes personal leadership to devote yourself to principles of Scouting, and to eventually you pass all you know onto others. To direct and teach people is a skill, especially if it’s in an emergency, to show
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Throughout scouting the eagle represents strength, character, and understanding of citizenship in both the community and nation. To be an Eagle Scout is to be a leader and a role model for all scouts. Becoming an Eagle Scout represents years of dedicated effort to my troop, my community and to myself and I am glad that I get to share this experience with all of you who have supported me throughout my

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