Each Individual Has A Different Perspective

Topics: Morality, Decision making, Moral Pages: 1 (150 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Each individual has a different perspective on what counts as morally right or worthy. Many prefer to follow a set of rules or a rational system which defines the way they evaluate the moral worthiness of their daily actions and decisions. To answer the question “should decisions made in adverse circumstances ‘count’?” we must think about what moral system or set of rules are those decisions supposed to ‘count’ towards in order to approach a sensible answer. Circumstances we face and environmental factors could play a huge role in our decision making process. In our society, most people would act out of selfish desires, putting their own selves or families first. But we should not forget that there are a few number of individuals who are willing to sacrifice their own comfort to achieve others’ and are happy to satisfy people’s needs before their own. Due to the immense
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