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E3’s GH16 Written Knowledge
1) Our salon’s requirements for client preparation are to ensure clients are gowned and all their clothes are protected. Then to ensure there is a cutting collar placed around the client’s neck before the stylist starts to cut.

2) Our salons expected service time for a cut and style is 1 hour. 3) The salons legal requirements for disposal of sharps are to place all sharps in the sharp bin. All waste materials must be securely bagged and placed in the outside bin.

4) My responsibilities under the current Electricity at Work Regulations act is to ensure all electrical equipment is safe. If I spot any that is damaged I must let my manager know and will remove the equipment.

5) Our salons image is to give clients a unique service tailored for their needs. Each service is expected to be of a high standard ensuring each client is given the same.
6) The protective clothing and materials available for the clients include; towels, gowns, plastic capes, cutting collars, etc.
7) It is important to protect the clients from hair cuttings as it makes the client feel irritated and uncomfortable if hair cuttings get on the skin and clothes.
8) When cutting you should be able to stand close enough to the chair without touching it. Your weight should be evenly distributed and you shouldn’t have to twist at any point. This will reduce risk of injury or fatigue. Have the height of the chair adjusted to make sure you don’t have to bend or raise your arms. Ensure the client is sat straight and their legs are unfolded.

9) When cutting hair the safety considerations which should be taken into account are ensuring all equipment is cleaned and sterilised in Barbacide. Make sure all equipment is intact and not damaged. Cutting collars should be cleaned and dried before each use.

The importance to avoid cross-infection and infestation is to make sure you are working in a healthy and safe environment. To avoid this make sure the salon is clean, dry...
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