E-Commerce Analysis

Pages: 9 (2140 words) Published: March 2, 2016

3.0 E-Commerce Justification

3.1 Reason to improve EC

In the real world today, people tend to use their mobile device more often than usual. Basically, anywhere you go, you can see people talking on the phone or scrolling on their phone. Mobile phone has hit the massive change of the interaction between one individual. Being in the society nowadays, mobile phone is a must have garget in our life because its too convenient and it brings plenty of advantages to our life. Its makes our life easier to get in touch and settle things in just one click. Apparently, people was doing more and more online shopping, for example from fashion clothes to accessories, from food to groceries item, from cosmetics to skincare, anything you can think of, we...

E-commerce is so important in today’s world, if one business that doesn’t have website online, consumer may not take it seriously. A good company website definitely will increase the image of the company itself if they provide a good online service. By launching an online store, consumer can easily get updated information that they wanted to know online within one click, anytime anywhere, but for 10 years ago, when there’s no E-commerce available, business may takes up to several days to provide a update information for the customer. It saved up a lot of time for both business and consumer, thanks to...

Forever 21 could refer to the marketing strategy from Forever 21 China. With quicker stock turnover than ZARA, bring down retail value point and more involvement in e-commerce, Forever 21 has thought of an advertising procedure that is more adaptable and liberal. From that point forward, the brand has done surprisingly well from bouncing into the business sector with a less surely understood brand to producing hugh deals today. Forever 21 online stores got ahead of brick and mortar store concept because of well planned strategy. According to Forever 21 China by utilizing this system effectively to coordinate online and offline channels for a long time, its online store would update customers the information that needed and the promotion event that was to be held in upcoming season. Basically, online store should keep track on the preferences of every single customers like or dislike, to make it easier to suggest the product for the one customer. Competitors that enter the market much more earlier like ZARA and H&M will not have to give careful consideration to e-business, yet with the blasting of e-commerce in Malaysia nowadays and Forever 21's ten years'...
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