Dystopian Society

Topics: Brave New World, Supreme Court of the United States, First Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: September 16, 2008
Jin Chung
English 7th
Brave New World is just a novel
In both United States and the Brave New World, suppression of information is promoted by the government. Censorship is the “restriction, absolute or merely to some part of the population … by the proper political authorities, of intellectual, literary, or artistic material in any format” (Storck). However, the United States government is actually limited in the amount of control that they possess, contrary to the total domination that the Controller has in the World State. One man, the Controller, “make[s] the laws [in the Brave New World] … [but he] can also break them” (Huxley 218-219). Compared to our society with a Huxleyan society in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the limited amount of control our government has on censorship proves that we are not advancing towards a Brave New World.

In the Brave New World, the World State has a complete dominance over the media, deciding which information can be delivered to the citizens, and what information to be censored. Despite many objections, our world shares many similarities with the Huxleyan society. Throughout the history, both “free and totalitarian societies alike have censored speeches, books, newspapers, pamphlets, motion pictures, and other forms of expression” (“Censorship” 100-1). The media, controlled by the Controller, only delivers information to the citizens after carefully scrutinizing the information. Our world shows similar practice, especially during wartime. During wartime, “the threat to national security and sovereignty enlarge the power of [United States Government] to stifle dissent” (“Censorship” 101). Dictating the media, our government sought to discourage citizens from voicing their opinions by passing acts such as the Sedition Act and Espionage Act during the early 1900’s. Citizens who expressed their opposition to the war were framed as an enemy spy or a...
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