Dystopian Short Stories

Topics: Dystopia, Harrison Bergeron, Science fiction Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Imagine living in the most undesirable society, a society where the government watches and controls everything you do, a society in which you have no individual choice. There is no independence, no freedom, and no personal thought. This is a dystopian society. The word "dystopia" traces its roots back to the Greek word "dys" (meaning "bad") and "topos"(meaning "place). The story "Ones who walked away from Omelas" focuses on the utopia splitting because of ones sacrifice and neglect. For the theme of "Ones who walked away from Omelas" is that to achieve happiness, one should not be sacrificed for being neglected by others. The irony here is Omelas seems like a great, happy town; however they treat this feeble-minded child horribly. In short story "Harrison Bergeron", the government has altered society to be mentally, physically and socially equal. The beautiful people are covered with hideous masks. The society is not equal because no one can truly be changed unless they want to be. Putting a handicap on an intelligent person does not make him or her equal to an average person, because he or she is still intelligent. The short story by the waters of Babylon is a futuristic story. It also showed the evil sides of today’s man and the chaos and mass destruction that we are capable of accomplishing. A dystopian society is undesirable where social trends are taken to an extreme. Though there are examples of dystopian societies within the world, the ideal society is one that blends together so everyone is can function as a whole.
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