Dyson Human Resource Management

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Motivation Pages: 1 (616 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Dyson Human Resource Management
Dyson uses both soft and hard approaches to human resource management. Human resource management is making the best use of all employees to achieve corporate goals. Dyson’s average engineer is about 26 years old, and as quoted by the CEO Max Conze, “their energy, ingenuity and motivation to work hard more than make up for their lack of experience. If you lack experience, there are also enough experienced engineers and managers in senior roles to learn from”. Continuous professional development is taken seriously. Workers will be learning all the time, and there are many whose only job is training and development of others in the company. The managers are happy to set budget aside to send people to international conferences, courses, and industrial events. From this I have gathered that Dyson have a keen interest in improving the skills of their workers and focus on motivation roles when training and courses for employees to go on. This could suggest Dyson to have a soft HRM as it indicates that they believe that employees are the most important resource, which they have to be when it comes to research and development as the engineers and researchers of the business are the driving for behind Dyson’s new products, designs and innovative ideas. According to McGregor’s Y theory, the leaders show innovation and imagination and are not just motivated by money but other things such as success, this has aspects shown from Dyson such as that the leaders have creative minds and thrive in innovation. Also parts of Herzberg’s theory can be seen such as the satisfiers being achievement e.g. creating a new product, growth and also recognition. However Herzberg also states that motivation is affected by hygiene factors being working conditions and co-worker relationships. After looking at many company reviews from Dyson employees I have noticed the following issues appearing most, ‘a rigid working culture’, ‘bad/ineffective management’,...
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