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DynEd Module Review

By hansamboy Mar 18, 2015 253 Words
1. What part of the DynEd Module (4, 5, & 6) did you like best? Why? The Matrix Vocabulary, Video Interactions and Focus Exercises were the best parts of this program, in my opinion. I liked the Matrix Vocabulary because it helped me with having a deeper understanding and molding a sharper mind. I am not good at memorizing; however, the activity slowly improved my memory and practices my brain to adapt a strategy to acquire knowledge one at a time. Video Interactions, on the other hand, showed me different conversations of different situations which actually taught me how to react on dealing with people. Lastly, the Focus Exercises helped me in improving my grammar. Over-all, I like the New Dynamic English Program.

2. How did the lesson in the DynEd Module (4, 5, & 6) help you in improving your communication skills in English? I admit to the fact that I am not good at making friends and dealing with people because there is this shyness inside me. However, now that I am more equipped with a new bunch of knowledge and techniques in dealing with others, it helped me even more to boost my confidence and feel less shame when it comes to communicating.

3. Suggestions/ Comments. Please candidly write any comments about the implementation of the DynEd Program. I don’t have any problems with the implementation of this kind of program; I just wish this continues until the future generation because it is indeed a powerful tool for students to learn.

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