Dynamic Capability Building in Service Value Networks for Achieving Service Innovation

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Learning Pages: 3 (454 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Service operations management assignment 1 – Dynamic Capabilities Dynamic Capability Building in Service Value Networks for Achieving Service Innovation Key issue the case identifies:    The importance of partnerships and collaboration in new service innovation o Importance of the customer as co-creator of value (think IKEA)

The circumstances which partnering organisations learn and foster dynamic capabilities It is through collaboration and education of stakeholders that additional higher-order capabilities emerge o customer engagement  three contexts customers can stimulate innovation: as a co-creator, as a source of innovative ideas, as a user for prototype testing or for introducing other users to the service a customer-oriented approach is vital customer agility is also the ability for firms to use customers’ expectations in deciphering market intelligence and identifying competitive opportunities customer agility, partnering agility, operational agility the swift and immediate response by organisations enables management to make faster and more informed decisions an opportunity exists only if it is perceived and won’t be discovered if the alertness system is switched off EA is a state of awareness that allows organisations to detect areas of current and future marketplace threats and opportunities both internally and externally can be ordinary discovery or extraordinary discovery collaborative organisations require greater alignment across partnering organisations in managing the innovation strategy cultivating ideas from customers and suppliers as essential as those from employees e.g. make changes to delivery methods or adapt marketing techniques – innovations in business models it’s the learning and knowledge management processes that guide the development, evolution and use of dynamic capabilities the deliberate learning efforts translates into higher-order managerial skills & dynamic capabilities There are benefits to each partnering...
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