Dylan Thomas and A. E. Housman's Poems

Topics: Poetry, Life, Rhyme scheme Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: March 12, 2014
Comparing and contrasting essay of Dylan Thomas and A.E. Housman poems Both of the poems, “ To an Athlete dying young” and “ Do not go gentle into the night” are referring to the subject of death but show different outlooks and seem to explore the helplessness with growing old and the progress towards death. Although the poems are against death each have a different way of how it should be approached. Both poems show views on how people should deal with death while one sees death as a misfortune, the other sees death as a battle with an enemy that needs to be defeated. “To an Athlete dying young” A.E Housman shows that those dying at the rise of their glory or youth are lucky. Everyone fears death at some point in life. As people grow older they realize that their life was short lived. Both Housman's and Thomas' poems are about death. Also each poem describes death as opponent. Both poems reflect their authors' life experience. Thomas uses irony, villanelle form and symbolism, while Housman uses the elements of irony, multiple meanings and rhythmic tone. An example of irony in To an Athlete Dying Young is the way death is viewed. Usually death is never viewed as a joyous or uplifting event, but here death is proven to be an advantage, as it helps the young athlete make his glory permanent. "Do Not Go Gentle into The Night", by Dylan Thomas is a cry from a dying man's son to arm his reserve and fight against death. Thomas begins by presenting the example of wise men that fight their death valorously, despite knowing that defeat is fateful. Good men also "rage against the dying of the light" is a suggestion that Thomas hopes that his father will take to battle against death. Each man Thomas describes in his poem serves as a character for the type of man Thomas needs his father to be on his death bed. Thomas describes the goods of wise men, who refuse to surrender to death before they accomplish their goals. Good men are next brought up as a example for his father's...
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