Dwyane Wade

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Ray Yuan
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Biography Book Report
The title of my biography is “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball”. The author is Dwyane Wade. This is D-Wade’s autobiography, and is written by Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade is a two-time NBA Champion and an Olympic Gold Medalist. Dwyane Wade has a very busy life as a NBA superstar, but he still makes time for the most important people in his life: his two children. I chose to read this book, not only because of how great Dwyane Wade’s basketball career has been, but because of the title. I didn’t know that he had Children and wondered how he put his kids in front of his extravagant career.

One of the most important days in Dwyane Wades life, surprisingly not basketball related, was the day he got full custody of his two kids. He and his wife had a long drawn out custody battle for their two children, and Dwyane finally won on March 11, 2011. Now his kids would live in Miami with Dwyane and he would get to be with them a lot more often than when they were living in Chicago with their mother. Dwyane grew up in the south side of Chicago near the Projects. His neighborhood was full of crime, drugs, and gangs. His mother and father divorced, and his mother started using and dealing drugs. She had multiple boyfriends over and they were abusive. She always got high, rarely paid the bills, but still loved Dwyane. Another very important date in Dwyane’s life was when his favorite and closest sister Tragil tricked him that they were going to see a movie. But she really dropped Dwyane off at his Dad’s house to live a more stable life. Dwyane’s dad had remarried and had a stable job. He paid all the bills and had two sons to keep Dwyane company. Right after he arrived at his father’s house, they moved to Robbins, Illinois where there was much less crime, drugs, and gangs. The backyard to that house was where Dwyane Wade would spend countless hours practicing basketball and playing against his two...
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