duty of quantity surveyor

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Q.3b) Given the progress in construction industry and techniques, what other tasks would you propose to be included to the existing list to demonstrate the potentials and expand the services of the quantity surveyor.

 Highlight the key points
 Identify duties/ roles/ responsibilities/ obligations/ steps to be taken in each case – as a QS  Relate to reasonable standard of skill and care
 Relate to expected standard (if below expected standard may cause negligence)  Cite relevant cases

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a professional which is essentially construction accountant who manages the financial costs and contracts within construction industry. A Quantity Surveyor is involved in four main areas of work in construction industry which are building work such as residential housing and industrial developments, building engineering services such as lift services and others where prime cost sums are to be included in the bills of quantities, civil engineering such as infrastructure construction projects, and heavy and industrial engineering such as onshore and offshore oil and gas and petrol-chemicals. (Yeaw, 2008)

Quantity surveyors deal with a wide variety of people including clients, architects, design engineers, construction managers, engineers, planners, estimators, supplier, lawyers and buyers. As building work increased in volume and complexity, there are a lot of sectors recognised the advantage of employing and independent quantity surveyor to prepare an accurate bill of quantities, and measure and value any variation during the progress of work. (Seeley, 1997)

Today, quantity surveyors are also being appointed as a project manager to take control of the project from inception to completion and to coordinate the work of the design team and the main contractor and subcontractor. (Seeley, 1997) They can find employment in various areas such as property surveys for hidden defects on behalf of potential purchasers, running estates, valuing the mineral deposits for mining companies, selling property and even Leasehold Reform Act work.

Preliminary Cost Advise
The QS is an expert in cost appraisal. He/She gives practical advice on the likely cost of the scheme from the inception of a new project. Besides that, he also advises on the comparative costs of alternative layouts, materials, components and methods of construction.

Cost Planning during the design stage
The QS will prepare a realistic budget and a cost plan showing the distribution of cost for each element once the employer’s brief is done. (Seeley, 1997) Cost planning during the design stage of the project is to ensure the client obtain the best possible value of his money including added value to his property asset, preferably having regard to total costs using life cycle costing technique so that the costs are distributed in the most realistic way and the contract sum is kept within the client’s budget. Approximate estimate of the initial costs of building are prepared using feasibility or conceptual estimating which are single price methods of estimating. (Seeley and Winfield, 1999)

Procurement Advice
The QS in design team has a duty to advice the client on the most appropriate form of building procurement based on the type of project, quality of building, speed of construction, apportionment of risk and price certainty. (Seeley and Winfield, 1999) There are numbers of procurement methods using in United Kingdom. For example, traditional method is to negotiate tenders with a single contractor and ‘design and build’ method is where the contractor undertakes the whole task of design and construction. (Seeley, 1997)

Selection of Contractor
The QS provides frank, sound and practical advice on contractor selection. QS will based on the industrial relations record, past performance in meeting standard, time target and the quality of management and then make recommendations to the employer on the make up of the...
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