Duty of Care in Health Social Care or Children and Young People Settings

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Duty of care in health social care or children and young people settings

1.Understand the implications of duty of care
1.1 Duty of care is,
‘Do everything you can to keep the people in their care safe from harm looking after their safety welfare and interests’

1.2 Describe how the duty of care affects own work role,
To always act in the best interest of the clients and their care and needs, keep my knowledge and skills up to date, provide a service at the standard that fulfills the clients needs, know what must be done to ensure that the service can be provided safely, I keep accurate records as appropriate, I only delegate work or accept it when it is safe to do so, protect confidential information except where conflict with public interest or safely.
Decline to take on something if you do not believe that you can safely.

Our lives begins to end the day we become silent about things that matter
Martin Luther King Jnr

2 Understand support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise about duty of care
2.1 Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care an individual’s rights,
Help people live independently, encouraging them to make decisions for themselves when someone in our car decides to do something that we think is unsafe, we face a dilemma
If we stop them doing it, are we denying them the right to take risks?
If we let them do something dangerous, are we failing in our duty of care?
Common Induction standard 5 (principles for implementing duty of care) says that care workers must know how to address dilemma that arise between an individuals rights and the duty of care.

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