Duty of Care

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Unit 054: Principles for implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s settings

Outcome 1: Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice

What it means to have a duty of care in my work role

A duty of care is a key concept in working with others. The term ‘duty of care’ includes the concepts:

• To keep individuals safe
• To keep individuals free from harm
• To allow/give choice

Anyone working in a childcare setting, whatever the service or whatever their role, should understand that a duty of care is the fundamental obligation to keep children safe. The younger the child, the more vulnerable they are, therefore the greater the duty of care.

Within my role as a childcare practitioner at our Primary School, I understand that children and young people rely on staff to ensure they are properly cared for. Parents and families expect staff to use their expertise to care for their children appropriately.

As a childcare practitioner it is important to be vigilant at all times, keeping young people safe as they develop the following:

• More robust immune systems as they grow and develop
• The ability to cope with and foresee potential dangers
• Communication skills, enabling children and young people to talk about the harm others may be doing to them
• Empathy, which enables them to understand that their actions may hurt or upset others

How duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals

A duty of care contributes to safeguarding and protecting children and young people in many ways. This can include:
• Having clear instructions and setting boundaries and expectations for all children and young people. This could greatly benefit a child or young person who has challenging behaviour as different strategies could be put in place, taking into account the age and stage of development of each child as an individual.

• Understanding the way in which children may

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