Duty of Care

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Duty of Care and Health
Unit 205
To Megan,
Am just replying to your letter about what’s involved in Care work so u have a better idea about it before you decide whether to apply or not. There’s a lot of duties involved in Care work, you must be able to act in the best interests of the residents for example, be able to assist them with dressing and undressing, help them to the toilet, make sure you’re feeding them well and that you give them plenty of fluids. If they’re not able to do it themselves you need to assist them with the cleanliness of there home e.g Ironing, Washing, hovering, polishing and bed changes. You need to be able to keep them occupied with puzzles, jigsaws, newspapers. You need to be able to hold a conversation with them and show you care. Trying to do your job as a careworker can be difficult as there’s a few things that can affect your work role or feel uncomfortable with. They may try and ask you to use unsafe equipment as there’s none that are safe to use, this is bad as it strains your back and more accidents are likely to happen if they ask you to use these your best saying no for your own safety. Work colleagues may ask you to administrate medication, you have the right to say no as you may not have had your training and you don’t know if you’re administrating to the right person or the side effects. I hope this gives you a better understanding of the duty of care and how care can affect your work role, hope to hear from you soon. Karisha

Understand the implications of duty of Care
Duty of care means that Care workers must act in the best interests of the residents they support. This means that they must do everything that they can to keep the people in there care safe from harm. In work you may get asked to do certain things that your not comfortable with, or that you’re not trained to do for example: You may get asked to to use unsafe equipment if proper equipment isnt’t available this is a bad idea because theres more risks...
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