Duty, Honor, Country Speech

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent, Father / Pages: 2 (375 words) / Published: Dec 19th, 2012
Mrs. Vargas
AVID III, Period. 3
10 December 2012

Dialectical Journal
“Gifted Hands” “And your daddy isn’t going to live with us an more.” (9) | When my own mother told me this exact news I was shocked. I couldn’t bear to think living with just one parent because I was used to seeing both every day. These are news no child wants to hear. | “Dear Lord help Mother and Dad get back together again.” (12) | At the beginning of my parents separation I was just like Ben Carson. I hoped for our family to be united again. | “It’s better for them to stay split up,,” I said to Curtis. “Isn’t it?” (12) | As I was growing up, my dad and I didn’t have a close bond ever. At the beginning I did miss my dad, but then I saw how much suffer he brought to our family especially my mom so I just let things stay the way they are, them being separated. | “They married when my father was 28 and my mother was 13.” (17) | Whoa! The dad was 15 years older than her! What was she thinking? Was this even legal back then? To be married at such young age? | “Rats!” (21) | Just by hearing this word reminds me of when I was little and saw a rat for the first time and I got traumatized and now I’m terrified of rats. | “I’m not going there by myself,” I said adamantly more than once. I was scared to go down into the basement alone. And I wouldn’t budge unless Curtis or Uncle William went with me.” (21) | When I used to live in my old hose I used to be frightened to go by myself to the basement to get some food from the other refrigerator we had in there. I would take my little sister and always let her go first and I would follow. | “I want to be a doctor. Can I be a doctor, Mother?” (25) | Since I was in first grade I knew I wanted to be a teacher and I still want to be one. My opinion is if you know what you want o be since a small age then you have a passion for it. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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