Duties of a Health Safety Officer Offshore

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment, Accident Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Duties and responsibilities of a safety officer:

The Safety Officer shall routinely observe operations at training sessions and at the scene of emergency incidents to ensure that safety regulations are being followed. When necessary, the Safety Officer shall recommend corrective actions after the incident to the Fire Chief or his/her designated representative.  Where activities are judged by the Safety Officer to be unsafe and to involve an imminent hazard, the Safety Officer shall have the authority to alter, suspend or terminate those activities. The Safety Officer shall immediately inform the Incident Commander of any actions taken to correct imminent hazards at an incident. Where non-imminent hazards are identified, the Safety Officer shall develop actions to correct the situation within administrative processes of the fire department. The Safety Officer shall have the authority to bring notice of such hazards to whoever in the fire department has the ability to cause correction of the hazard.  

The Safety Officer shall ensure that records on the following are maintained: §         Periodic inspection of personal safety equipment. §         The Safety Officer to be responsible for ensuring health, safety of worker. §         Safety Officer to identify and get repaired faulty machinery, tools or materials. §         Safety Officer to conduct site inspections and instruct each employee on the safety conditions and regulations. §         Safety violations should be record and brought to the contractor’s notice. §         An accident register must be maintained at the site. §         The accident register should be accessible to the Safety Officer as well as other designated persons and government authorities. §         Fire department safety and health policies §         Periodic inspection and service testing of apparatus and equipment §         Periodic inspection of fire department facilities §         All accidents, occupational injuries, deaths and...
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