Topics: Sergeant, Non-commissioned officer, Corporal Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: December 15, 2013
The reason for this essay is to explain what my responsibilities of an Non Commissioned Officer are and why it is important to always keep my soldiers informed. I shall start with my responsibilities as an Non Commissioned Officer they are all out lined in the Non Commissioned Officer Creed but the one im referring the most to is “ I will Communicate Consistantly with my soldier’s and never leave them uninformed”. My grandfather always told me communication is the most important thing in the military he served 28 years and retired Green Beret and at the rank of Captain. He explained to me that when he was in if a mission came out or was changed out of nowhere that if he didn’t inform his troops that some one could get severely hurt or even killed. Now a days it is not as dangerous as it was back then but if I was overseas it could be. Being a Squad Leader I have been proposed a certain level of trust over other soldier since I am one of the most senior soldiers in my platoon. It is my duty as the most senior lower enlisted in my platoon to communicate any changes of missions or schedules from the command so that the soldiers below me are not misinformed or get left behind. Also it is my duty to make sure all my soldiers are mission capable as in not being sick, hurt, or absent without leave to my higher chain of command so that they can report to their higher ups in case we need to be ready to deploy at a moments notice. Miscommunication is the number one thing to mess up any information that is put out as it is the NCOs job to inform the soldiers on what needs to be done where to go and what to where it is also the soldiers jobs to pay attention to take notes and to clarify what was said so that there isn’t any mix ups or broken links in the communication. Not only does that let the NCO in charge know that the soldiers understood what was said and were paying attention it is also to get the soldiers ready for when they are ready to take the step to become a Non...
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