Dust collector ensures the production of rotary kiln

Topics: Dust, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Rotary kiln is a kind of high temperature drying system, and the main role of rotary kiln in the production process is used for production and processing of material, but after production and processing of the material, a lot of dust will not only cause harm to operator's body, and can cause some to air emissions, such as air pollution, large amounts of dust particles floating in the air can cause serious impact to the quality of the air, long inhalation of such dust do certain harm to human body health.    

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer of rotary kiln equipment, after understanding this, vigorously develops energy efficient and environmentally friendly rotary kiln equipment, after a long hard in combination with production experience abroad, a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment of rotary kiln was born, and finally in the rotary kiln production process, in the equipment parts matching, the rotary kiln equipment will be equipped with a dust removal system, the process of reproduction, dust collector and the rotary kiln are running at the same time, the equipment to produce the material production out of the dust particles can timely absorb dust and carry on the processing to reduce damage to the environment.

Rotary kiln belongs to high temperature equipment, of course, the temperature of the equipment and materials in the production process of temperature generally is relatively high, therefore, if the use of a single filter equipment, the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced, due to high temperature corrosion, so the rotary kiln equipment cooling system is equipped with professional, perfect combine with dust collector, not only guarantee the service life, but also the equipment production capacity has been greatly enhanced.

Rod mill: http://www.zk-kiln.com/products/988.html
Rotary Kiln: http://www.zk-kiln.com
vibration screen: http://www.lime-mill.com/vibration-screen/...
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