Dust Bowl

Topics: Great Plains, Storm, Dust Bowl Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: October 8, 2014

Dalhart, Texas
June 30, 1935
Dear President Roosevelt,
Hello Mr. President, my name is Donald. I am 13 going on 14, I am from the Great Plains and I’ve been a victim of what they call the “Dust Bowl”. I’ve been trapped in my house for 100 hours due to these wild winds. The wind blows so hard sometimes I think my house is going to blow straight off the ground. Once the winds stop me and Paw walked out to see our fields blown over in dust; I can still see the dazed look on my father’s face when the first dust storm hit. I remember hearing my neighbor say to my father that looking out on the dusted over fields made them start to look like WW1 battlefields. Because of all of this dust I haven’t been to school in quite some time, but the last time I did go the Red Cross gave me and my brothers dust masks. We took the dusk masks and tied them around our heads so they covered our mouths and noses. When I wore the dust mask I could never get a very good breath from it so I often wonder if I was even going to get enough air to breath. When the dust storms would hit they’d often leave a lot of dust in every little space like the windows, the lights, just everywhere. So me being the second oldest, father and Raymond my older brother, would go out the window and shovel off the porch so we could get through the door. That’s not all that we dug out; all of our farm equipment was buried knee deep in dust. Living in this drought is a completely different way of life then what I’m use to. Every time the family wants water we have to go to the well to get fresh water. When this drought was at its worst, Jack Rabbits would come down from the hills and it looked like the whole ground started to move. So all the men would gather together on a Sunday and round up these Jack Rabbits and have a Rabbit drive and we’d kill them and we’d have some meat to eat. When we ate and drank that water and our food there’s normally dust in. So Mother and Father try to prevent that by putting...
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