During The Period Between 1450

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (1050 words) Published: January 25, 2015
During the period between 1450-1750, Western Europe has gone through various religious upheavals and drastic changes. Some of these changes have led to conflict, often bloody, and subsequently shifts of power within the West. In contrast, some of these changes have also led to the technological advancement of the West and the eventual world dominance of Western Europeans in economics, politics, and innovation. These revolutionary changes and eras include the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Counter-Reformation, and the Age of Enlightenment. Even so, there are continuities in that time period, including the Western desire to discover, and the states that continued to be Catholic in the face of reformation and Protestantism. The year is 1450, and most of Western Europe is still largely Roman Catholic. The Spaniards are in the process of removing the Muslim Moors from Andalusia. In the late 1400s to early 1500s, the Italian Renaissance, or "Age of Rebirth" was spreading to Portugal and Spain, who began exploring and colonizing the Americas and Africa. Societies affected by the Renaissance placed a much smaller emphasis on religion in every day life and instead focused on individual success and discovery. A characteristic of the Renaissance was that the Catholic Church was beginning to decline. Criticism of the Catholic Church, also called heresy, was spreading through Western society. A major upheaval that would forever disrupt Catholic dominance in the West was about to occur. The Protestant Reformation began in 1517, initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Protestant reformers. Martin Luther opposed and challenged the corrupt ideals and practices of the Catholic Church, such as the selling of indulgences (forgiveness from sins) for money, the selling of religious positions, and the fact that Bibles were in Latin, when no one even understood it. From these oppositions, Protestantism was formed and quickly gained support and conversion...
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