During the French Revolution, Did Ideas and Events Influenced Women to Break from the Conformities of Their Society and Fight for Their Civil Rights?

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Women's rights, Human rights Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: January 29, 2009
During the French Revolution, did ideas and events influenced women to break from the conformities of their society and fight for their civil rights?

Equality for women was a gripping concept that was fought for throughout the French Revolution. Women were active during the French Revolution, contributing great deal to change and reform whether it was by staging demonstrations and food riots, petitioning for political participation, or bringing the royal family back to the capital. The women of 18th century France began to question the way society viewed their political and social rights, and as a result created a movement to abolish the political and ideological views of women’s role in society at the time. They fought endlessly for the political and civil rights that they deserved, and backed up their demands with well-thought-out logical arguments. Although they went fought hard, their efforts were unsuccessful as little changes on the way men viewed women occurred.

Women were politically active throughout the French revolution, and were part of key events that shaped the outcome of the Revolution. They were responsible for the safety and care of their families, which at the time of the revolution was not an easy task. There were times of hardship such as famine, when bread was very expensive and nearly impossible to get a hold of. It was not uncommon for the women of France not to be able to provide for their children and families, which made them desperate for solutions, as seen in document one, where a mother is describing the hardship of not being able to provide for her children. “…. With children who are hungry and who ask repeatedly and tearfully for food-- it seems as if each sound issuing from their chests parched by poverty is the point of a dagger striking their mother's heart”. On many occasions, women led protests, marches and debates. One of these occasions was the March on Versailles, on Oct. 5 1789. The working-class...
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