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Grind Jackfruit Seeds as Substitute For Flour


Jackfruit is quiet abundant in our country as a result, its seeds are just scattered and not use for other matters aside from that it can be planted again for another Jackfruit tree. Flour is a very important ingredient for every pastries we eat. But because of its high price, people don't buy or refuse to buy food that contains flour as one of itsingredient. The researcher discovered that Jacfruit seeds isrich in vitamins like complex, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, vitamins A,B and C. It contains minerals like Calcium, Zinc and Potassium which can help our body fight aging, diseases and to maintain its good posture. The researcher is aiming to produce a cheap but has a good quality flour or just an alternative for expensive flour. The researcher is focusing on its color, odor and taste. The researcher decided to make a flour out of the Jackfruit seeds. The methods involved are: preparations, washing of the seeds, drying under the sun which takes days because you have to assure that it is dry in the innermost part of the seed so that it will not stick into the grinder, roasting, getting the peelings, crushing and finally grinding. To test the product, the researcher made it into a hotcake. The hotcake was tasted by several people and they have good compliment about it. The researcher recommends it to bakery owners or people who uses flour as their source of income because it's affordable, has a good quality and it can help to save a lot of money.

Chapter I


Background OF The Study
Flour is a very important ingredient in making bread and the like. Many Filipinos of today likes to eat bread but becauseof increasing prices of flour, bread prices are also increasing. Commercial flour sometimes easily spoil or sometimes have worms on it. Instead of scattering jackfruit seeds, we may use it as source of flour. With this study, the researcher tries to produce a new product out of grind jackfruit seeds as flour for another substitution foe expensive commercial flour. Helping businessman, flour factory owners and bakery owners to save more money, less effort, time and have a good quality product.

Statement Of The Problem
This study is all about " The Feasibility Of Grind JackfruitSeeds As Substitution For Flour." Flour is very useful because it has many uses specially in making food. Bakery owners have problems in their budget for flour because she realized that aside from planting seeds, we can use it as flour which is cheaper but with good qualities like the commercial ones and it is easily produces or gathered. This study tries to answer the following questions:

1.Does the jackfruit flour qualities is the same with commercial ones in terms of color, odor, and taste? 2. Does the jackfruit flour last longer (expiration date) than the commercial ones?

3. Does it still produces worms?

There is difference between jackfruit flour and commercial flour in terms of color, odor and taste.

Significance Of The Study

The significance of the study is that it can help bakery owners or other people which uses flour as their business. They can save more money out of it and have enough budget for it. It also help the environment and it alsointroduces new product in food industry. Some people scatter the seeds everywhere which may develop pollution to our environment, we can use and sell as our business.

Scope and Limitation

In this study the researcher is focusing on the qualities of grind jackfruit seeds as flour. It tries to help improve commercial flour in terms in time of spoilage.

There are no other chemicals or additive mixed with the grind jackfruit seeds as flour. The researcher used very ripejackfruit seeds so that it will have a very good taste. In this study, the researcher use the grind jackfruit seeds as flour in baking cake in proving the study.

Definition of Terms
Flour- is a powder made up of...

Bibliography: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is=jackfruit.htm
The researcher is offering this study to her family. For the support,effort and financial assistance.Also to her research teacher, MS. BALVE GRANIDO who encourges us to have more research and effort. Her classmates and friends who gave their full support. And of course, with out the guidance and love of our Almighty God, the researcher can 't accomplised this study.
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