Topics: Durian, Fruit, Ripening Pages: 22 (5967 words) Published: January 26, 2011
1. Introduction
2. Scientific Classification
3. Climate And Soil Suitability
4.1. Climate
4.2. Soil
4. Variety
5. Propagation
6.3. Sexual Propagation
6.4. Asexual Propagation
6.5.1. Cleft Grafting
6.5.2. Hypocotyls Grafting
6.5.3. Epicotyls Grafting
6.5. Care and Maintenance of Grafted Seedlings
6. Field Planting
7.6. Land Preparation
7.7. Planting System
7.8.4. Square System
7.8.5. Triangle System
7.8.6. Rectangular System
7.8.7. Quincunx System
7.8. Planting Distance
7.9. Shading
7.10. Mulching
7.11. Inter-cropping
7. General Maintenance
8.12. Fertilizer application
8.13.8. Soil and tissue analysis
8.13.9. Fertilizer and nutritional requirement of durian based on nutrient removal 8.13.10. Fertilizer application based on the stage of growth and the age of the durian 8.13.11. Integrated nutrient management utilizing organic material 8.13. Pruning

8.14. Weeding and Sanitation
8.15. Water Management
8. Fruit development stage management
9.16. Fruit thinning
9.17. Fruit nutrition
9.18. Propping
9. Pest of durian
10.19. Mudaria fruit borer- mudaria magniplaga
10.20. Monogatus fruit borer- monogatus punctiferalis
10.21. Shot-hole borer- xyleborus sp.
10.22. Durian fruit borer- tonica sp.
10.23. Durian fruit borer- conogethes punctiferalis
10.24. Durian psyllids- allocarsidara incognita
10.25. Durian psyllids- bao-bao (haplaphalara sp.)
10. Disease of durian
11.26. Phytopthora disease
11.27.12. Durian fruit rot
11.27.13. Foliar blight
11.27.14. Patch canker
11.27. Leaf blight
11.28. Pink disease
11.29. Black mold
11. Harvesting
12.30. Durian maturity categories
12.31. Harvest at the right time
12.32. Harvesting method
12.33. Physiological disorder in durian
12.34.15. Uneven fruit ripening in the durian
12.34.16. Stylar end rot in durian
12.34.17. Abnormal fruit in durian
12.34.18. Flesh burn in durian
12.34.19. Wet core in durian
12.34. Transport and handling
12.35. Post-harvest treatment
12. Processing
13. Marketing
14. References


The durian is believed to be native to Borneo and Sumatra. It is a tropical lowland fruit and found wild or semi-wild in South Tenasserim, Lower Burma and around villages peninsular Malaya and is commonly cultivated along roads or in orchard. Although it is planted on a small scale, commercial production is mostly in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The durian tree, reaching 27- 40 m in height in tropical forests, is usually erect with short, straight, rough, peeling trunk to 1.2 m in diameter and irregular dense or open crown of rough branches. Its leaves are oval or lance-head-shaped and arranged alternately. The upper surface is smooth and glossy. The lower part is covered with scales and hairs. Flowers are perfect, whitish, with a strong odor, cauliflorous (produced directly on large branches), clusters of 3-30, blooming at night and primarily pollinated by bats. The fruit is green to brown in color, pendulous, round to oblong in shape and is completely covered with strong sharp thorns. It is a capsule which splits into five parts when ripe, and each segment contains brown seeds covered with a thick, firm, and creamy-yellow pulp with an overpowering aroma. Because of this, the durian is known as “king of fruits”.

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Durio


4.1. Climate
Being a tropical fruit, the durian thrives well in a humid climate. Warm and...

References: Varieties / Clones | Description |
Arancillo (ACC.1497) | Brownish green fruit weight about 1, 560 grams with yellow, firm and creamy flesh
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