Durable Power Of Attorney Chapter Summaries

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Health care provider, Patient, Healthcare, Physician / Pages: 2 (466 words) / Published: Sep 2nd, 2015
The three chapters that were assigned were about the following: the history of health care and becoming a health care worker today, patient rights and legality, and the ethics of health care workers. In chapter one, the history of health care discussed in depth. For example, many people who invented or thought of things that could benefit the medical world were discussed, and the comparison of how the person’s thoughts and/or inventions still impact the medical world today. The chapter walked the reader through each other the significant time periods (ancient, dark/middle ages, renaissance, etc.) I think one of the biggest things that stuck out to me was how things that happened hundreds of years ago are influencing how medicine is practiced …show more content…
Some of the legality parts of health care include: HIPAA, confidentiality, Durable Power of Attorney, living wills. If any of the aforementioned are violated, the person/facility could face extreme lawsuits. A durable power of attorney is someone that the patient has legally appointed to make health care decisions for the patient in case they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves. The durable power of attorney is important for people to have because without them, no one would be treated and there would be a massive increase in deaths due to the fact that many people would be at a standstill between family and doctors. Families would want to do specific things but doctors cannot legally listen to them. The final chapter talks mostly about the ethics of health care workers. These include making sure that the patient is treated fairly. It also makes sure that the health care worker themselves is upholding the best of the best values; that they treat everyone with dignity and they provide the best service. One of these values would be communication. Communication is key when dealing with patients. They need to feel like they are trusted, important, and cared for. Having excellent communication can ensure that the health care worker is serving the facility and patients to the best of their

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