Dupin’s Character: the Murders in the Rue Morgue

Topics: The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Dupin is seemingly the most important character in The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Typically, he is supposed to be seen as the protagonist, the person who solves the mystery, saves the day, and allows good to prevail. Dupin, however, possesses certain characteristics that morph him into a person who is despised, not only by the reader, but other characters in the story as well. His arrogance, darkness, and lack of charisma are some of the traits that have a negative effect on Dupin’s character. Dupin is an arrogant man, who despite losing his fortune, still feels as if he is better than everybody else. This is evident when he puts down the police, saying that they are unorganized and are “cunning, but no more” (Poe 108). This shows that Dupin feels as if they are not qualified for their job, and is determined to prove that he could do it better than them. Dupin’s quest to prove his superiority over the police leads him to say that his “examination was somewhat more particular” (Poe 113). The fact that he even mentions this to the narrator shows the kind of person he is, pompous and arrogant. Dupin says that he is “satisfied with having defeated [the Prefect of Police] in his own castle” (Poe125), and continues to criticize him. Dupin, however, is in no position to pass judgment on anybody, seeing as though he is a loaner who “ceased to know or be known in Paris” (Poe 99).

Dupin’s overall disposition, is the main component in making The Murders in the Rue Morgue a dark story. Dupin used to be a man of wealth and class, who had a strong character and possibly was very happy. Now that he has lost everything, except for his estate, however, his character has “succumbed beneath” (Poe 98) all the weight of his burdens, and he seems to be depressed and unenergetic. Dupin seems to have given up all hope in gaining back what he lost, and has no care for material possessions. It is apparent, that Dupin’s loss has had a significant effect on his character....
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