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Performance objective

You must demonstrate your ability to analyse the policy and procedures of existing

recruitment and selection processes for an organisation and to identify and apply the

relevant legislation underpinning these recruitment and selection processes.

Assessment description

Healthcare United is a healthcare provider and currently employs 1,500 Healthcare

professionals with two sites in Victoria and NSW. They recently developed a new

strategic plan that involves opening another office in Hobart. Part of their HR plan is

to employ 500 workers in three stages.

You will need to write a report that compares the 2000 Healthcare United recruitment

and selection guidelines against the newly developed 2010 Healthcare United

recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation.

You also need to recommend changes necessary to improve procedures and the

overall process, based on current research.

You will be given copies of 2000 Healthcare United recruitment guidelines and the

2010 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy.

Your report needs to cite relevant legislation and address the following key areas for

3. Identify and discuss key areas for each procedure that need revising because

they are:

a. contrary to 2010 policy

b. outdated compared to current research and practice

c. do not comply with current legislation.

4. List your recommendations for revising key areas of the 2000 guidelines.

5. Write a hard copy of your report of no more than 3,000 words and, if

necessary, attach relevant supporting documents.

Adjustment for distance-based learners

• No adjustment of tasks is required

• A follow-up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor).


You must provide:

• a hard copy of your written report and any supporting documents to your


Your assessor will be looking for the following in your report.

• an executive summary covering off the key findings and recommendations

• an analysis of the following key areas for each procedure in terms of the 2010

Healthcare United recruitment policy, the relevant legislation underpinning

each procedure and current research:

o time frames

o personnel

o documentation

o training and support

o monitoring and evaluation.

o Procedures to be analysed:

o vacant position analysis

BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment selection and induction processes

© 2010 Innovation and Business Industry Skills Council Ltd Page 3 of 8

Assessment Task 1 BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment selection and induction processes

o position description

o advertisement

o shortlist

o interview preparation

o interview applicant

o reference check

o job offer.

evidence and referenced sources, e.g. reading reference materials, internet research

and direct research (contacting and interviewing organisations) that support your


conclusion discussing overall process

a list of your recommendations to revise the 2000 Healthcare United recruitment


a logical, formatted structure with an introduction, body and conclusion or with clear

headings for each section.

Healthcare United 2010 – recruitment and selection


Healthcare United aims to be the number one provider of Healthcare professionals in


Healthcare United is an organisation that currently employs 1500 Healthcare

professionals with two sites, in Victoria and NSW and seeks to expand its operations

and open another office in Hobart.

As an organisation our vision is to provide:

• the best qualified and trained human resources available for clients

• up-to-date technology in all services for both clients and staff

• innovative best practices and procedures from both inside and outside the


• best facilities and procedures in a competitive...
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