Topics: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, Malcolm III of Scotland Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 5, 2014

On the dark and cold night of December 9th, the great King Duncan of Scotland was murdered in his chamber. According to our journalist Andrea Ruiz, King Duncan was at the castle of his Thane, Lord Macbeth, the night of the murder. The night Duncan was murdered was very wild. People heard lamenting painful ghostly cries. Many of the chimneys were blown down. Some people said that they could hear screeching of owl and the horses were fighting the whole night, but still was a good night for a party as our reporter Ruiz further learned that Lord Macbeth had arranged a grand party for the king.

After hearing the news of the king murdered the whole castle was mourning for their beloved king but they are were also outraged and wanted to know who committed this foul deed. The king was murdered on his bed with a dagger and both of his guards were also dead. Macbeth said, he instantly knew that they killed the king not only because of the blood on the daggers and on them but also because of the blood coming out of the king Duncan’s room. When Macbeth saw that he could not stop himself because King Duncan and Macbeth were not only good friends but also they were relatives.

In the middle of the night the entire castle was awake trying to answer the real question, who is responsible for this unfortunate event?  In an interview with Lord Macbeth he said, "Early in the morning, two noblemen, Macduff and Lennox, called at the castle to visit King Duncan but when they entered Duncan’s chamber they exclaimed “Oh horror!” with great grief and Lord Macbeth also said, “Before anyone could investigate I killed the two guards, their bloody daggers were proof that they had committed this horrible deed.” King Duncan’s two sons Malcolm and Donalbain did not have much to say and remained silent. Nevertheless fearing for their own lives fled Scotland, Malcolm for England and Donalbain for Ireland. Macduff says, “It is speculated that king’s sons have bribed the...
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