Dumpster Diving and Human Race

Topics: Dumpster diving, Nutrition, Human Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Until viewing this documentary, Dive! , I had never thought that ‘dumpster diving’ was a viable way to feed a family. I am shocked by the amount of edible, nutritious food that is thrown away every day. I know that we are a nation that houses starving citizens, but I had no idea the number was so staggering. One billion people are starving, every day, in America. Yet, two hundred and sixty three million pounds of food are thrown in garbage bins throughout the United States, each day!

‘Dumpster diving’ was never something I had put much thought in to. I have never had the need or urge to find my food in that manner. It is interesting to learn that dumpster diving is as much of an art as anything else can be. Groups of people participate in this act each night, and are generally allowed to as long as they follow three simple rules. The rules of dumpster diving are as follows: take only what you need, leave the bin “cleaner” than you found it and first come first serve, as long as you share. Something this organized and positive for not only the human race, but also our environment, can’t be a bad thing. Then, why are stores beginning to lock their dumpsters? When twenty percent of our landfills contain edible food, who are we helping by locking it up? Personally, I understand how some can see this act in a negative light. Literally jumping in dumpsters seems gross and I would not want to eat the food that comes out of it. However, I would never stop someone else from making the choice to do that.

The irony in the documentary is found when Jeremy Seifert begins to grow tired of diving in dumpsters. He begins to realize that there is just too much food. The idea of a picky dumpster diver is comical. Jeremy’s family had to begin to dispose of the food because they could not eat it all. Who is the real criminal when imported products are thrown away? How is it possible for the Seifert family to be seen as thieves? How can you steal...
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