Dumb Jobs

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Dumb Jobs

Many of us will work numerous dumb jobs in our lives before we finally get settled into a permanent position. Dumb jobs such as working as an usher like the narrator in the essay: "Stupid Jobs Are Good to Relax With". A couple of other examples would be jobs in a fast food restaurant or a retail store.

In the essay, the narrator mentions that for the past couple of years he has relied on these "stupid jobs" in order to make enough of a living to get through life, while still studying at school. I think what the author is saying here is very true because many students in university or college are still in the middle of studying for that future full time career, but are still being forced to work these jobs, part time, in order to pay their tuition and other expenses that come with university life these days. Expenses such as: residence, meals, phone bills and many others.

As the title says, stupid jobs are good to relax with. Throughout the essay, the author is constantly trying to communicate with the audience that in these jobs you are allowed to be lazy and that just showing up and being there for your shift is good enough. This is when I begin to disagree with him because I believe that these temporary jobs should still be taken seriously in order to not only keep the job, but to also take away as many life lessons and common job skills as possible. This will surely help you have a better future in other jobs and careers. In general, I don’t think that these jobs are completely pointless like the author is making them seem at different moments in the essay.

Finally, in my opinion these “dumb” jobs play a huge role in our society. They help develop important job skills and give teens and young adults some extra money that they can then go spends and help out the economy. They also give teens something to keep them busy and to take their minds off school or family life for a bit. Therefore, overall these jobs can be very useful in many different

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