Topics: Religion, Islam / Pages: 4 (817 words) / Published: Dec 4th, 2012
Practice DBQ Essay Various religions, missions, and proselytizing efforts have had different receptions in different places and times, positive receptions, negative receptions, and receptions of tolerance. Positive receptions usually occurred when locals were awed by efforts of the travelers and vice-verse or when locals benefited from the efforts of missionaries (docs 1, 2, 8). Negative receptions were created when the converts mistrusted or feared the proselytizers or when people were indoctrinated into their faith (docs 3, 6, 7). Receptions of tolerance occurred when rulers of a state encouraged tolerance of other faiths in their domains (docs 4, 5). Because missionaries often brought treatment or sustenance to another area or when travelers and locals admired one other, it created positive receptions to various religions, missions, and proselytizing efforts (docs 1, 2, 8). Although the author of one account of Sufis, an English traveler and most definitely a Christian, commented about the strange and silly customs of Sufi dervishes, because of their wonderful performance, he regarded them with approval (doc 1). Because the author is an English traveler and a Christian, he would have had a certain emotion regarding Sufi dervishes which may have led him to exaggerate some of their practices although the result of inexperience led him to be pleasantly surprised which demonstrates that there were positive receptions of Sufis among Christians (doc 1, POV). An account by Indian Buddhists describes the positive reception of traveling Chinese monks on their drive to seek the teachings of Buddha (doc 2). A letter by a German missionary describes misery and pain brought on by diseases in the parts of Africa where he brings medical knowledge that brings happiness to people when he heals them which displays that he is well-received (doc 8). Because the author is a German missionary writing to his sister, his audience being a close family member exerts a strong

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