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Kids Should Have Better School Lunches

Time and time again public schools have had horrible lunches that taste bad, are awful for you and promote other problems. If there were better school lunches, kids would be happier, healthier, and kid's special needs would be serviced.

Kids would be happier if there were better school lunches. Kids are constantly in bad moods because their lunches taste terrible. They would focus on eating and not on food fights, would be less rude to lunch ladies and lunch monitors. Trust me, you my not finish your plate at home, but you would if you saw the "hot plate special".

Kids would be healthier if there was better food. For a long time kids have been buying candy and desserts so they can get some pleasure out of lunch. With better lunches, kids would not blow mindless amounts of money on candy and soda, or have to eat a greasy pizza that tastes bad and is bad for them just to get through the day.

Better school lunches would mean that kids with special needs would be serviced. Because of diets, religion, and allergies, some kids cannot eat certain foods. For example: what if a kid had a gluten allergy and the lunch was sandwiches? or what if a kid was a vegetarian and the lunch was fried chicken? Or what if a kid was Hindu and the lunch was hot dogs? A variety of foods would meet the needs of special cases.

Better school lunches would mean that kids would be happier, healthier and special needs would be serviced. You do want that right?
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