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felt worse and unfulfilled.  “...We are crude and sorrowful and superficial-- I believe we are lost.”(P123)  When Paul realizes that we are all brothers, true mental struggle is seen.  “ Comrade, I did not want to kill you...Why do they never tell us you are poor devils like us... and that you have the same fear of death...If we could just throw away these riffles and this uniform you could be my brother...” (p. 223-224).  The apparent change in views on the war has become extremely apparent. In a war there is obviously apparent physical scars.  As seen throughout the entire book, the destruction of war is great, on not only lives and property, but also on the human spirit.  The young men in this book and of those of the times were subject to physical torment.  Eyes were blinded from such sights as, limbs being blown off, blood flowing everywhere, and innocent men dying in agony.  When soldiers take shelter in the graveyard, bombs explode all around them; the living hide in coffins and the dead are thrown from their graves.  The destructive power is so great that even the fundamental differences between life and death become blurred.    All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel that portrayed World War I as it actually was.  There was no sugar coating what so ever. It is able to show all aspects of the actual war and has left a clean-cut picture of just how horrific war actually is.  The readers of this novel can now understand just why that there is really no true point to war.  Whoever said that killing millions of people over pride and territory is not too bright.  The novel began with pride and ended with unbearable agony.
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