Duck and Cover

Topics: Terrorism, Nuclear weapon, United Nations Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Cold War and Communism (Duck and Cover)

After 9/11 was awakening by this terrorist attack in our own country not only us, even around the world are watching with this terror attack by then we realize how safe are we? We became more vigilant and cautious to our surrounding. Watching this short film called “Duck and cover” is about awareness incase of nuclear attack, is there any difference in terrorism.

Living today’s world, there is always nuclear threat attack most powerful country is still developing nuclear weapon. Which most of us don’t really pay attention to it we just go to our lives and move forward. Watching news about nuclear test makes us wonder what if we are the targets; does our government do something to it? Of course there always do something to it they consider them as terrorist even it’s a nuclear test. Can we do the short film preparation, I don’t think so, with modern weapons been develop its hard to do the duck and cover, which some of the terrorist use viruses as their weapons to distributed to mass people.

Comparing the nuclear attack and terrorism, is there any differences and similarities, both nuclear attack and terrorism bring untold misery to people as they cause a lot of destruction and loss of lives. Nuclear attacks are conflicts between nations whereas terrorism finds soft targets like innocent civilians, nuclear attack are planned and fought on the battlefront whereas terrorism has a surprise element and terrorists can strike anywhere. Nuclear attacks require massive preparations and intelligence along with troop mobilization while a single or 2-3 individuals can commit terrorist acts.

Mankind has seen so many wars and the destruction caused by them that nations do not any more wars. There are international organizations in place to prevent wars through negotiations and through the use of diplomacy. On the other hand, terrorism is on the increase and has spread its tentacles to all parts of the world and no country...
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