Dubai: a playground to the rich and famous?

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a playground to the rich and famous?

Essay LA 36-35

Marinda Burger
Docent: Ferdaous Alami
NHTV University of Applied Sciences
05 april 2013

Sex and the City… one of the most famous and fabulous series and movies ever since. Ordinary women can not resist the luxury, glamour, fashion, sex and gossip the four SATC girls are involved in. The first movie was a great success, the second even more. `One week in Abu Dhabi`, as Samantha said, turned out to be more glamorous as one can think of. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha visited Abu Dhabi, one of the seven Emirates. In this movie everything is soaked in luxury and charm. The Emirates are almost presented like an illusion. But is it actually an illusion? Are the Arabic Emirates to good to be true? Too expensive? A dream to the regular crowd?

Dubai, also one of the seven Emirates, is considered to be the most touristic one. According to several resources like, Dubai has a lot to offer.1 Architecture, tropical beaches, shopping and culture are just a few examples. Dubai is booming, every year millions of people from all over the world visit this state, 30.000 of which are Dutch.2 It is very unlikely that all these people are engaged to a “Sheik” like Samantha was. It seems that the Emirates, and Dubai in particular, are not that inaccessible to the regular crowd as we first thought, are they?

It is believed that visiting Dubai is too expensive to the ordinary tourist, to what extend is this true?

To answer this question, four important elements of going on a holiday will be outlined; getting there, in this matter the Dutch tourist will be point of reference, having a place to stay, activities and attractions and dining options. These elements are also used in Lonely Planets, well known travelling guides. An emphasis will be put on price ranges and costs.

Dutch people are very keen on summer holidays. The weather in the Netherlands can be relatively depressing during winter time, so many try to escape from it for a little while. In 2011, 213.000 Dutch people visited today’s most popular sunny winter destination, Egypt.3 The weather in Dubai is comparable with the Egyptian climate.4 Sun seekers can visit Dubai year round. Besides, a flight to Dubai is comparable to one to Egypt as well. A flight to the Egyptian coast takes about 6 hours and costs €450 on average.5 A flight to Dubai takes about 6 hours as well6 and, in this period of time, prices range from €490.7 So, looking at flight expenses and travelling time, Dubai could be as popular as Egypt to the Dutch tourist.

When travelling to a foreign country, having a place to spend the night is crucial. Dubai is known for its expensive glamorous top end hotels. However, one can stay in midrange or fairly luxurious hotels as well. The Armani Hotel situated in the Burj Kalifa, or Atlantis the Palm situated on the famous palm island are examples of top end hotels. However, only a few can afford to stay in these hotels which charge hundreds, or even thousands, of Euros a night. Fortunately, to stay overnight in Dubai does not have to be that expensive. During the winter months, October till April, room charges are higher than in the months May till September. So, staying in Dubai is cheaper during the summer months. Room rates are mainly determined by the hotel’s location. The popular districts like Dubai Marine and Jumeirah Beach are located directly at the beach, which result in higher prices. If you want to stay in Dubai for a small price, the old town of Dubai is a nice option. Hotels in the old town of Dubai are much lower priced and maybe even more fun because of the authenticity.8

As been mentioned before, Dubai is known for its luxury, architecture, tropical beaches, shopping and culture, all of which are relatively accessible attractions....
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