Dubai Speech

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Topic: Dubai and Its Major Transformation
Inform of purpose: Today I am going to inform the audience on the transformation of the city of Dubai and what it looks like now.


i- ATTENTION GETTER: Can anybody tell me what country’s flag this is? ii- RELATING: It is the United Arab Emirates flag, which is made up of 7 emirates but today I’m going to talk about one, which is Dubai iii- CREDIBILITY: I’ve researched some of the UAE’s history and have actually lived in Dubai for 8 years.

TRANSITION: First, I’m going to start off by talking about what Dubai was before its major transformation 50 years ago.

I.What Dubai Was like before 50 years of major transformation A.Landscape
1.Dubai was mainly an empty coastal landscape. Which was not too long ago, only about 50 years ago. At that time Dubai had a population of nearly 30,000 people. SOURCE #1: As mentioned Martin Hvidt’s book, “The Dubai Model” Dubai was mainly consisted of a small settlement of fishermen and a tiny port. B.Subpoint

1.First subpoint of I. B. (supporting material)
2.Second subpoint of I. B. (supporting material)
TRANSITION: Now that you know what Dubai looked like 50 years ago, lets talk about what factors caused it to change majorly. II.What Factors Caused This Transformation
1.In 1966, Dubai discovered its own oil. Dubai started exporting oil and the petrol dollars started rolling in. 2.Second subpoint of II. A. (supporting material)
1.First subpoint of II. B. (supporting material)
2.Second subpoint of II. B. (supporting material)
TRANSITION: Now that I’ve informed you about Dubai and its history I want to show you what this wonderful city looks like today. III.What Dubai Looks Like Today
1.First subpoint of III. A. (supporting material)
2.Second subpoint of III. A. (supporting material)
B.Second subpoint of III
1.First subpoint of III. B. (supporting material)

Cited: 1. Hvidt, Martin. "The Dubai Model: An Outline Of Key Development-Process Elements In Dubai." International Journal of Middle East Studies 41.03 (2009): 397. Web. 20 Oct. 2014.
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