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Dubai changed from an ordinary city to an amazing city that everyone wants to visit and enjoy the beautiful places in it. Many people visits Dubai every year not just ordinary people but celebrities and important people as well. They come from different countries and places, Arab countries and others like England, USA, Australia, and South Africa…etc. To live the glories life for a few weeks but what they don’t know is that Dubai holds in a lot of dirty secrets. Most people know Dubai for its massive skyscrapers and luxurious hotels and all the good things about Dubai, but few know that modern-day slaves built the city. We can’t forget about the sweatshops and Another argument as well like that the workers come here for 5-6 years to save up some money and go back home to live a very comfortable life. You may ask yourself how are the workers finding theses jobs in Dubai? It all begins when the local agents approach them in their villages asking them all types of questions asking them if they head about Dubai, which most of the people living in theses villages have heard about Dubai and how amazing it is. Now the agents start telling them they can get them a job out there where they’ll be getting paid 300 pounds a month which for most of them is an amazing salary theses agents are only trying to get them to fall into there game so they’ll tell you what you want to hear and once they get you to go is when they take your passport charge you for gas, food and more when they never supplied you with anything. Workers are fours to say that they choose to come to work in Dubai and live the harsh living conditions; they also state that their current conditions are still better then their living conditions back home. But they also said that this allow them to send their kids to school and provide them with a better life, by working with them in which all the workers where promised high pay and amazing living conditions. Once they find themselves out there, and they...
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