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The Palm Jumeirah is a large artificial island built off the coast of Dubai comprising villas, Leisure and entertainment facilities. It was one of the largest and most ambitious projects of its kind, 25km2 of new land being created. The project was held by Nakheel. The Palm takes the shape of a palm tree and is divided into three main sectors: the trunk (the hub), the fronds (mostly residential villas) and the crescent (shore protection and luxury houses). Aims & Objectives

The initial aims were to:
1.Achieve pioneer status worldwide and improve Dubai’s international presence 2.Promote tourism and international investment
3.New coastal areas.
The project was divided into three main phases:
1.Reclamation of land
2.Building infrastructure
3.Building development
Project Overview
To achieve pioneer status it was important to complete the project as soon as possible. Especially the reclamation of land so the construction of houses & hotels that involved many foreign investors can start. Nakheel led and implemented the first two phases, the reclamation was given to one contractor, and he started as soon as the plans were ready bearing in mind the main objective was TIME. At the same time Nakheel continued the design phase and coordinated with foreign investors to promote the latter stage. By 2011 the Palm project was nearly fully finished; some key features have differed from the initial plan

Project Evaluation:
the land reclamation was completed prior the deadline and established new records (size & volume)

Land usage and house sold out in days

Construction of two larger islands

The plans and design revisions caused many hotels and facilities to be completed behind schedule (almost 2 years) Cost over 12.3 billion and has over 8000 units (overcrowded) and insufficient infrastructure From project management point of view, the Palm Jumeirah suffered from lack of initial R&D and planning,...
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