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Dubai is an emirate within the United Arab
Emirates, it is situated south east of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Pensula. Its geographical location has made it a very important trading city, by the end of the 20th century it has established its self as an important port, and trading hub.

Getting water.
Dubai has no fresh water available to them because it is in a desert and there is no water underground, so Dubai has to obtain its drinking water from desalination (removing salt, others minerals). They do this by pumping in sea water , boil it and let the steam cool. The condensed water is filtered and treated for humans to drink.

Is desalination renewable?
Desalination is boiling sea water to make steam and to collect the clean condensed water. But to boil the water Dubai uses oil which is non-renewable and other fossil fuels. Dubai finished first in the most less eco friendly country owing to its heavy reliance to air conditioning and desalinated water.

Getting food

Dubai relies heavily on tourism and oil. Huge numbers of tourist come to Dubai for its amazing hotels and coral reefs and to support all those amount of people Dubai needs a gigantic abundance of food and to do this Dubai has to import 80 per cent of its food.

Its no surprise Dubai has to import its food because of its location, the desert terrain makes it impossible to grow crops and farm livestock. Its main exporters are India providing 18 per cent of the country’s food then Brazil second with 12 per cent, China, United States, Australia. UAE dependence on imported food doesn’t go well with its capacity of five million and rising it is expected to rise by 4.47 per cent, so to sustain this the UAE will need to spend even more money than 25.5 billion pounds which it is already paying now.

sustainable ways of getting water.

I believe there is a more sustainable way of getting water. I would use the desalination but instead of using oil or fossil fuels I...
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