Dual Career Couples

Topics: Employment, Leave, Marriage Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Dual Career Couples
Module 4 Assignment

Empire State College Author Note: This paper was prepared for Human Resource Management, taught by Professor Berenson

In this module we were asked to read the case study about Dual Career Couples. In this reading we learned how corporations are accepting the hiring of both spouses and if that’s not the case they are in favor of both couples being providers and offer programs and services to help the working couples to be more successful at their jobs. I am going to make up a policy on this topic for my company and I will provide evidence of why I decided to choose my choices and I will use examples along the way. I will attempt to write this policy and give the pros and cons of hiring Dual Career Couples.

Review of My Research
Dual Career Couples Policy
Explanation of Dual Career Adults Policy:
*Either one or the other spouse, but not both shall accept the health insurance plan. The non-participating spouse will receive a reward of 10% their salary each year for their cooperation. *Weekly deductions from child-care will be available at the employees’ discretion. This program is strictly voluntary and the savings can only be paid out only to a participating child-care facility. *Leave for child birth shall be granted to the father for a period of 5 days paid for by the company. Any longer time allotments shall fall under The Family Medical Leave Act. The mothers will be granted a period of 6 weeks for healing and nurturing with pay from the company. Any longer time allotments may be taken under The Family Medical Leave Act. *A total of 5 sick days a year will be allowed for any parent for the use towards tending to a sick child at no charge to the employee towards the company attendance program. Vacation time will be allowed if the employee has the hours available and the company given 5 paid days is exhausted. *Opposing shifts will be offered to couples employed in the same department to help...
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