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Case study
(DuPont case)

Applied Research for international Business Management

1) Marketing research involves the identification, collection, analysis and dissemination of information. Explain how each of these phases of marketing research applies to DuPont's problem. 2)
One of the objectives of problem identification is formulating the marketing research problem and determining the information that is needed to solve it. First DuPont has to identify the target market which would be interested in designer carpets for their homes. From this demographic DuPont then has to collect data from specific consumers and analyse the information to determine the consumers’ needs. When this is done the company then has to convert this information into marketing information that explains how DuPont’s designer carpet series will fulfil the consumers’ needs. Which is then disseminated again to the target audience.

3) What is the marketing research problem facing DuPont?

They have to determine if the designer carpet segment will be accepted by the residential market. And, can DuPont get the carpet samples and promotional material in 6 weeks to make a maximum impact in this year’s trade show.

5) Can exploratory research be used in this case? How?

Because Designer carpets is a new segment for DuPont, exploratory research would be helpful in defining the problem more precisely. Reviewing secondary data and interviewing company officials and industry experts would be useful. Techniques like focus groups allow researchers to communicate with a consumer group directly in a question and answer format. Which would help DuPont conduct further research in defining what the consumer wants.

7) Can descriptive research be used in this case? How?

Descriptive statistic could be used by conducting surveys to learn the following:

Developing a profile of characteristics of carpe consumers, especially the...
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