Dttls Unit 4

Topics: Copyright, Learning, Intellectual property Pages: 7 (2327 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Julie Jolley

Unit 3: Developing and managing resources in the lifelong learning sector.

The reason we have resources for learning is to enhance the whole process for all learners and make it an enjoyable and effective experience. Also by having multiple resources this will benefit a variety of different learners as not everyone will prefer powerpoint for example. Sometimes the use of resources will change the attitude I receive as a instructor. Im fully aware that not all learners are going to feel in the right mind set to learn if their either too tired or maybe having trouble concentrating or absorbing information. I have personally experienced this many times during my time in the Army as we are often subjected to frequent shows of the same topics yearly as a part of our Military Annual Training Tests (MATTS). During these lessons they are very monotone and injected with boring scenarios but to keep within the military guidelines we must adhere to watching them. However I was recently pleasantly surprised from sitting in an Equality and Diversity (E&D) lesson. The gentleman was a civilian with a vast amount of knowledge and personnel experiences, which he constantly spoke about. The manner in which it was taught was outstanding and it taught me a lot about being an instructor and how simple resources when delivered in the right way as he did made the lesson an enjoyable experience. I was so amazed that the instructor only used a flipchart and post it notes which proved that even simple resources can stimulate the learner’s interest. I connected with that subject massively and I genuinely believe it was because of how it was delivered to me as a student. From that experience alone I fully understand that all instructors will teach differently and we must thrive on each other’s knowledge to help one another deliver better lessons. It may be that some learners take a longer amount of time to understand things and that the lessons I run may not be quite long enough for them to achieve that. The way I tend to manage this is by priming the students with handouts and internet resources before the lesson begins, that way they will have some surface knowledge about the subject they are about to cover. What I do understand is that all students learning capabilities will vary and I must be flexible and be able to quickly introduce new teaching techniques to increase their interest. I may be able to recognize certain signs like facial expressions or shyness away from questioning that they are struggling to grasp the Key Learning Points (KLPs) from my lessons. This is an important stage of development for them as a learner as I must build a rapport with them so they feel at ease and also find me approachable. If this key part fails their learning will be affected as they may choose to resist asking for help and the consequence may be that they fall behind with their work. In my line of instructing there will only be occasional one on one tutoring. Therefore my audiences often consist of 40-50 students, which is a very large amount of students per lesson. Therefore my job as an instructor is already under pressure as I’m here to reach the needs of all learners from all different educational backgrounds. Through our invalidation team reports they often shown good student feedback about the different resources I have used, which have in turn provided an exceptional experiences to the students. One of these mentioned was a lesson that I took in regards to leadership. In this lesson I played a part of a judge, and the remainders of the group were acting as the defense and prosecution. This did put a lot of ownership within the group which in turn encouraged them to debate and throw personal experiences into the mix. Being the judge it allowed me to rein them in if the conversation got too boisterous. I also used laminated cards with a couple of words; I wanted them to think about prior to the discussion. I would always give them...
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