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Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) is the second largest GSM mobile phone provider in Thailand (after AIS). Dtac is owned by TELENOR both directly and indirectly. “Dtac” brand, was founded in August 1989 to provide wireless telecommunication service in 800 Mhz and 1800 Mhz frequency brand in Bangkok Thailand under a 27 years “Built-Tranfer-Operate” concession granted granted by CAT Telecom Public Company Limited.

Dtac is telecommunication product and service there are Mobile E-mail Suite, SMS Suite, GPRS Suite, Voice Suite, and Service Suite. Dtac have two kind of their service are postpaid and prepaid brand Dtac Happy (top-up money).

Product or Service

Communication Service

Products of DTAC

Under pricing competition driven in the market, DTAC offers product and service in lower price-based structure and customer care oriented (Total Access Communication’s annual report, 2006). DTAC provides two categories of main services which are Pre-paid and Post-Paid to satisfy the exact and actual need of customer. DTAC also provides a wide variety type of package and promotion to capture wide range of targeted customers from metropolitan and provincial area. Moreover, DTAC also provides supplement services in correlate with the main services such as feel good services, a variety of service for at most convenience of customer, international roaming and international call and mobile ATM. DTAC has categorized “Happy” for the brand for mass market for common user. And postpaid service is targeting for a more functional customers’ need. Value added Service (VAS) in the year 2007 was driven further by the expansion of high speed data network using EDGE technology to cover the whole country. VAS is dividing in four types of services consisting of Short Message Service (SMS), Mobile Internet Service on EDGE or GPRS network, Ring Back Tone and content download (Total Access Communication’s annual report, 2007).

Type of operations

Overview of operations


|As of July 2005, the carriers have: | |AIS15,600,000 users | |DTAC8,000,000 users | |True4,000,000 users | |Hutchison600,000+ users |

Problem statement and purpose

All above show that, mobile operator market has fierce competition, DTAC could be able to strengthen their competitive position, if they can attract new customer from the other competitors and at the same time satisfy current customer. Consequently, our research is mainly focusing in which way DTAC could be able to achieve more market share. Data from previous section shows that Bangkok is the biggest market and most of user has mobile phone already so researchers will study in Bangkok are by focus on the six central business district (CDB) in Bangkok from Export Quality Service Company which is Sathon, Pathumwan, Ploenchit, Bang Rak, Lumpini and Wattana. These districts are main business area and represent the whole sampling size of people who use mobile phone in Bangkok city. Further elaboration can be found in methodology part.

Competitive conditionin the market

Competitive condition in the market is analyzed according to the secondary data from newspaper, magazine, published textbook and official website of DTAC, AIS and True. Market share and revenue growth rate information for analysis comprised of both current and previous data.


DTAC, Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, is a second leading company among three principal operating cellular services in Thailand market, AIS, DTAC and True, which have positioned itself as fresh and modern companies regarding with customer-oriented. Because of a maturity in telecommunication market and a penetration by other leading mobile phone operators, DTAC has to strengthen its positive brand image as a leader in the capital city of Thailand by focusing on the metropolitan telecommunication area like Bangkok.

On the other hand, there are some management problems from operating under Telenor and a limitation from high cost of concession set by government which affected company’s ability in managing within organization and investing in launching promotion campaign, marketing activities or even to increase an investment in cellular communication system due to extend more service area which is less than AIS in currently. Therefore, the company’s response to weaknesses is lower than average in overall.

Secondly, for Price element, DTAC operates as the middle range call charge price between AIS and True. According to the strategic price structure, DTAC can be able to offer low price starter SIM and lower post paid package along with lower pre paid package. In addition, DTAC should be more clearly to inform calling rate to customer.

Fourthly, in aspects of Promotion, DTAC always put much concern about sales promotion and in-store advertisement. Since the Thai mobile market continued to grow substantially in the last few years, DTAC has opportunity to gain more users and also increase more revenue from both value added service and internet access service.

Fifthly, for People element, according to DTAC refresh its brand positioning as “feel goood” with both logo and brand image resulting in higher expectation of service quality in customer perception. Since, DTAC had already done good performance within its organization, DTAC should focus more on training customer representatives issue since staffs and employees at DTAC shop are considered as the representative of the company.

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