Dst Systems Scores with Scrum and Application Lifecycle Management

Topics: Agile software development, Systems Development Life Cycle, Waterfall model Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: August 7, 2013
DST systems scores with scrum and application lifecycle management

1- What were some of the problems with DST system' old software development environment? I think they were some many software problem, such as the managers were unable to easily determine how the resources were being allocated, which also the employees were working on certain projects and status of specific assets. The group development had used a mixtures of tools processes and source code control systems without any unified repository for code or a standardized developer tool set. And Also I think DST must use new method and better than the old traditional.

2- How did Scrum development help solve some of those problems? The Scrum is exists software development tools and experienced strong results. The company accelerated its software development cycle from 24 to 6 months and developer productivity increased 20 percents. I think Scrum helped to development the company because its agile software, and relies on self-organization.

3- What other adjustments did DST make to be able to use Scrum more effectively in its software projects? What management, organization and technology issues had to be addressed? I think CollabNet specializes in software designed to work well with agile software development methods such as Scrum. So what I think from the article is DST adapted Collabnet's subversion product to help with the management control of changes to project documents, programs, and other information stored as computer files. DST adaption of Collabnet because their product is so fast in only 10 weeks.

1. Some of the problems with DST System's old software development environment were using manual processes, unable to see how resources were being allocated, what employees were doing what jobs and the status of their specific assets. Another problem was their use of a waterfall method to design, code, test and integrate products. This method pushed them farther behind competitors. 2. Scrum...
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