Dsmac Pre-Grinding Mill Successfully Exported to Egypt for Phosphate Production

Topics: Material, Crusher, Raw material Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Yesterday, the news came from Egypt that the two ordered YM150 and YM125 pre-grinding mills by customer Mr. Dickens had been arrived at Egypt and prepared for phosphate crushing line after installation and debugging successfully.

Phosphate, also called phosphate ore(containing phosphate), is the food ingredient and function additive in industry, and also the important chemical raw material. According to the different processing preparation technology of phosphate production, different crushers are chosen. However, the crushed products fineness must be in accord with the standard, which is conducive to the extract of phosphorus. Most customers choose DSMAC XPCF high efficient fine crusher , which is the effective crushing machine for ore fine crushing. This product can crush raw materials to granulates with average particle size of P80≤3-5mm, and its popularity is also owning to its simple technological process, less cost and high rate of return.

In this project, the Egypt Mr. Dickens needs the fine crusher for his phosphate crushing line to solve the problem of reducing the equipment energy consumption. DSMAC YM pre-grinding mill is the new fine crushing and coarse grinding equipment used before mill. YM pre-grinding mill is applied of high alloy wear-resisting materials on hammerhead and lining plates, which has the high strength and abrasion resistance to reduce the mill’s energy consumption by 60%.

YM Pre-grinding Mill Introduction
DSMAC YM pre-grinding mill is the new researched product with optimization design based on the similar pre-grinding mill technology at home and abroad. It is mainly used for super-fine crushing of nonmetal mine raw materials or crushing of compound fertilizer in chemical industry. Besides, DSMAC YM pre-grinding mill is especially suitable for dry desulfurization method of limestone power preparation. The desulfurization unit of YM pre-grinding mill and DPX single stage fine crusher is applied for limestone crushing...
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