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1. Each team member must submit its individual analysis through AG, before the presentation day. A link is going to be activated for this purpose.

2. After this step, students must work together to prepare the analysis and case presentation, on the date assigned by the professor and published in the course syllabus

3. Additionally to the study questions included in the case, you must use 4 or 5 of the analytical tools included in the document BS Models (AG). Maybe some of the questions can be addressed using these models also.

4. Additionally, the Power Point presentation of the team analysis or PDF file (if you use prezi) must be uploaded the day before the presentation.

5. The case presentation must incorporate an interactive section, so the rest of the group that’s in class will have the chance to participate during the presentation. If participation in class is not encouraged, the team will be penalized with 20% of the grade.

6. Not only the level of the analysis will be punctuated but also how creative you’re on this and in the presentation. You’re allowed to include any kind of multimedia resources (video, webpages, etc.) you consider appropriate for enriching your presentation.

7. Be ready for any questions that could arise from yours classmates during the presentation. Also punctuality is a must the day of the presentation.

8. Remember you have 40 minutes to present and all team members must have a very active role during the presentation

9. If you have any questions before the presentation you can email me to: joseluis.marin@upf.edu. Please do it in working days. I don’t access my email account on weekends.

Good Luck and enjoy this great learning experience !!!!!
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