Topics: Holes, Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Holes Book review

Task A: Answer the following question with the best detail you can find from the novel. Answer in full sentences!
1. Why did Stanley get sent to Green Lake Camp?
2. Why doesn’t Stanley blame the judge for finding him guilty? 3. What is more dangerous than Scorpions and Snakes at Camp Green Lake? 4. What was Kissing Kate’s full name and what mark did she leave? 5. What was the promise that Elya Yelnats made with Madame Zeroni? 6. Describe the characteristics of the Yellow spotted lizards. 7. What is Stanley’s Nickname?

8. How did X-ray get his nickname?
9. What does Mr. Sir spit into the boys’ holes? And why could this be a problem for them? 10. Why are Stanley’s parents getting threatened to be kicked out of their home? 11. What item did Stanley find in his hole and who did it once belong to? 12. When Stanley is taken to the Warden for stealing the Sunflower seeds, what does the warden use to hurt Mr Sir and why does it hurt him? 13. What deal do Zero and Stanley make?

14. Why does it turn out to be good luck that Stanley gets caught for the Sunflower seeds? What important information does he find out? 15. Who runs away from Camp Green Lake and why?
16. What does Stanley find in the desert, what is its name and who is in it? 17. Who actually stole Clyde Livingston’s Sneakers?
18. What is the link between the onions?
19. What song does Stanley sing to Zero on the mountain?
20. What do Stanley and Zero find in the hole?
21. Why don’t the Yellow spotted Lizards attack Stanley and Zero? 22. What do Stanley and his family find in the suitcase?
23. How does the Yelnats family curse get lifted?
24. Name the boys in Stanley’s tent.

Task B:
Your task is to write a letter back home to your family telling them the truths of Camp Green Lake. Inform them on how you live, the people in your tent (tent d), the people who run the camp, what you do every day, the dangers of living out there and any other information you may want to...
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